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Who’d have thought spending several days a week feeling sick to your stomach was not normal?  I thought the digestive problems I had were normal until I finally was tested for an allergy to gluten.  Since I stopped eating gluten, I feel like a different person. My digestive issues have gone away (except when I have an accidental encounter with gluten), my energy level has improved and I sleep better.

While all of these changes are wonderful, I have now developed an anxiety regarding where and what I can eat.  I discovered that a night out for me meant research and preparation. If I am going to a friend’s barbeque, I have to pack my own food.  If I am meeting friends at a restaurant, I have to look up an online menu, scour the internet on how gluten friendly the place is, or make a phone call to the restaurant manager to see if they can accommodate me.  While I have found several resources online that are helpful, there was no single website where I could find what my hometown had to offer in the way of gluten-free friendly options.  So, instead of wishing it existed, I decided to provide it for other people.

Several of the businesses listed on this site are what I will refer to as featured establishments.  These featured establishments are those that go above and beyond.  The owners and/or staff of these establishments have gone the extra mile to assist me in having fulfilling, delicious gluten-free food.  I support and promote them because I believe in services and products they provide and I believe others will have a similar experience with them.  So please, support these fantastic businesses.

I also would like to encourage you to provide your insight into living gluten-free in the Toledo Area.  There is no way that I can eat everywhere in the area, so am counting on the readers of this blog to use their taste buds and digestive systems for the greater good.

Finally, a note about my philosophy . . . I believe that any time you are not cooking the food yourself, you are taking a risk.  So, I cannot guarantee that any meal you have at a business described on this website will not cause you problems.  What I write is based on my personal experiences.  To me, eating out after I have done the leg work on a restaurant is worth the risk.  After all, eating is a big part of socializing in our culture, and I love seeing my friends and family.  I accept that because the world does not revolve around me that not all of them are going to think about where I can and cannot eat before making reservations.  However, I do appreciate the ones that do take my diet restrictions into consideration, and hopefully this will help other friends of the gluten intolerant know where to make reservations.

Wishing you great food and happy tummies.